crocheted jewelry

I’ve been avoiding the whole crocheted jewelry for a while, but Bailey wanted to knit while Brook and Jesse were at the store buying his Cap’n Jack Sparrow stuff. I just finished the crocheted hat and hadn’t found a new project I just HAD to do yet. So, I looked through my SnB Happy Hooker book and the crocheted jewelry caught my eye….

I still have to put the findings on, but the dryer is buzzing and I have to go fold clothing!

crocheted silver and crystal necklace

crocheted silver and crystal necklace

First Successful Hat!

I just finished my first successful hat! Jesse is sleeping, but I hope he likes it. I used the pattern from the SnB Happy Hooker – Crochet book – for the “boy beanie”. It’s grey with green stripes. I’m going to try it on him once he wakes up and will take photos then!

Then, I try it on Bailey and if she likes it, make her a girly version!

This is about the 15th time I’ve tried to make a hat. The other pattern I hat, just didn’t work for me for some reason. I think this one worked because it was DC instead of SC. I love doing DC!

I hate to put up in progress photos like some folks do, because a lot of times I have to frog it so many times it’s not even worth sharing.

In case anyone was wondering….

These kids take after me at least a little bit…

Bailey in the car

Jesse in the car

Watching a DVD in Nana's van.

Coz if I’m in the car and not driving, I’m either reading or sleeping! (though you can add knitting to that now!)

knitting, and more knitting, and more knitting!

I’ve started working on a shawl for the freezing days at work! It feels like I’ve been knitting this forever and ever! I’m close to the end of the ball of yarn and then I discovered another ball! I’ll have to decide if I want to keep going once I finish.

I’m also working on making bailey belt out of this really cool bamboo yarn I picked up off the clearance rack at joann’s!