Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

  • Jesse said "right now, Bailey is in first place." she was the first competitor! #
  • First class: Bailey placed 5th out of 8. Good job #
  • She got third place in novice walk-trot pleasure. #
  • Bailey placed first in English equitation and for Showmanship at halter she got first place! #
  • solved @griddlers #85032-Stargate Atlantis – Richard Woolsey by Glucklich. Score: 56771 points. Time: 00:16:21. #
  • solved @griddlers #85028-Stargate Atlantis – Rodney McKay by Glucklich. Score: 270418 points. Time: 00:21:37. #
  • solved @griddlers #84735-Stargate Atlantis – Ronon Dex by Glucklich. Score: 83036 points. Time: 00:21:34. #
  • just got a flu shot. nice and quick! #
  • solved @griddlers #84734-Stargate Atlantis – Carson Beckett by Glucklich. Score: 91025 points. Time: 00:28:12. #
  • solved @griddlers #85054-Stargate SG1 – Gen. George Hammond by Glucklich. Score: 96572 points. Time: 00:26:29. #
  • Waiting for Bailey's MADCO performance of Hugo Cabret to start. #
  • solved @griddlers #85245-V for Vendetta by Glucklich. Score: 40108 points. Time: 00:27:38. #
  • solved @griddlers #85241-The Nightmare Before Christmas – Mr. Oogie Boogie by Glucklich. Score: 125080 points. Time: 00:12:43. #
  • solved @griddlers #85240-The Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack by Glucklich. Score: 181769 points. Time: 00:26:17. #
  • solved @griddlers #85101-The Lost Boys by Glucklich. Score: 244471 points. Time: 00:56:53. #
  • Ravelry! Angry Eyebrows Hat: #

Angry eyebrows hat


Bailey’s knitted blue hat from last year is too small.

So we picked some acrylic yarn we got at a garage sale (so she can wash it) and picked a pattern from Ravelry. She likes the slouchy hats, so we ended up with Katja Zulu (ravelry link), which she promptly named the “Angry Eyebrows Hat”.

Angry eyebrows hat

Hope to finish this project soon!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • solved @griddlers #84502-Stargate SG1 – Adria by Glucklich. Score: 144801 points. Time: 00:28:34. #
  • Brook won his last MtG tourney today! Very happy for him! He sounded super excited on the phone just now. #
  • Flu test is not fun at all. And then they have to do it on the other nostil! #
  • Fell asleep in chair waiting for flu test results. Then got blood drawn. Hope bloodwork has answers to why I've been sick for last 9 days. #
  • headache seems to be linked to temp. 98.1 = no headache. 98.8 = owie #
  • Four out of five dentists recommend Brizzly for cavity-free tweeting. The first 10 people to use this code can try it. #
  • RT @goowaveinvites: we got some google wave invites… you need one? RT this !! #googlewave #wave #
  • RT @mightymur: Pst. Pass it on. @UrsulaV got kicked out of mime school. #
  • Horse show Sunday. Bailey is getting Sparky ready. She's excited! #

Day 10 and counting…

Of the little virus that could

Day 10 and counting...

How I’ve been working the last week:

On my great big lap tray either in bed or on my little sofa in my room, thermometer, drink, larabar handy.

Massive quantities of Gatorade joined the mix as of yesterday.

So far, still not a big fan.

After 2 qts of lemon lime, one qt of blue and 1/2 qt of red, the yellow is my preferred flavor by far.

I will be glad when this virus has finally run its course so I can get back to normal.