Jesse at the Brave’s Game

Saturday was Duluth Youth Association Night at the Brave’s game. Both kids got to be in a parade around the field before the game started AND they got to play t-ball in the outfield as well. Very cool!

It was also very cool to see them on the giant screen in the outfield. Just a couple brief glimpses of the kids and Brook (who’s an assistant coach on Jesse’s team) until the end, when they showed Jesse on the giant screen for about 10 seconds straight until the game started. It was very cool!

Jesse at the Brave's Game

My left thumb

For some reason, my left thumb seems to be the one finger that keeps all the other ones in line when I’m typing. Two weeks ago, I cut it and had to get 8 stitches in it. Ever since then, I’ve been trying not to use it when I’m typing and man, have the typos been appearing left and right.

Even now, I’m still favoring it because it’s a little sore. Stitches are gone and everything is nicely healing, but still…. man, if it wasn’t for spellcheck I’d look like an idiot!

The library comes through…

Just when I’m about to finish up the last CD of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the library has #4 – Goblet of Fire waiting for me.

I’ve never listened to books on taps before, but I think I like it. At least for the Harry Potter series.

I’ve read all the books multiple times, but traffic sucks so I decided to try them on CD. I gotta tell ya, it does make a big difference in entertainment!

The only real problem I’ve had so far is that I had to listen to them out of order: 1 then 3 now 2.