Sick Jesse

09. November 2009 stuff i like 0
Luckily, he didn’t have the flu. A girl in his class was out with H1N1, so I was a bit worried. Luckily the fever and vomiting only lasted a day. Once he didn’t feel queasy anymore, he quite enjoyed watching Godzilla movies and the 9th Doctor.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

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solved @griddlers #85930-The Nightmare Before Christmas – Barrel by Glucklich. # At orthodontist with son editing for him to get separators installed. Totally forgot knitting at home this morning. Oh well. # solved @griddlers #85805-The Nightmare Before Christmas – Behemoth by Glucklich. # solved @griddlers #85804-Marilyn Manson by Glucklich. # Sick kid ...

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

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solved @griddlers #85430-Otter Civet by Glucklich. # solved @griddlers #85753-The Nightmare Before Christmas – Dr. Finklestein by Glucklich. # solved @griddlers #85752-Bite by Glucklich. # relistening to Harry Potter audiobooks…. at the point where i want to stop reading #6: Because it won't happen if I don't read it, right? # off ...

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

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wishing i'd remembered to bring the cranergy in today (or that the store downstairs sold it!) think it's going to be a long day! # i really hate when i call with questions about my bill and get routed through sales for 10 minutes before I can get actual answers! # solved @griddlers #80419-Lost – ...

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

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solved @griddlers #85301-The Nightmare Before Christmas – Sally by Glucklich. Score: 118277 points. Time: 00:35:59. # solved @griddlers #85282-Nightmare Before Christmas – Lock, Shock & Barrel by Glucklich. Score: 150118 points. Time: 00:57:04. # solved @griddlers #85283-Nightmare Before Christmas – Lock, Shock & Barrel by Glucklich. Score: 138017 points. Time: 00:17:24. # solved @griddlers #85281-Nightmare ...

Buzz rides again!

11. October 2009 horses, kids 0
Bailey is very excited to get to ride Buzz again. He was really, really sick for a long time and she hasn’t ridden him since June. Today she gets to have her lesson on him again.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

11. October 2009 tweets 0
Jesse said "right now, Bailey is in first place." she was the first competitor! # First class: Bailey placed 5th out of 8. Good job # She got third place in novice walk-trot pleasure. # Bailey placed first in English equitation and for Showmanship at halter she got first place! # solved @griddlers ...