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Things that make me happy….

My new hair! (I finally got a REAL haircut this week for the first time since moving…)

my new hair
from the side...
and the other side
New Hair
new hair!

Spending a nice couple of hours Christmas shopping with my husband for the kids. AND figuring out what we’re going to buy.

Pepperoni pizza Chebe (gluten-free and yummy!) for lunch.

Getting a funny Christmas card from a long-time friend and feeling loved.

Handing some art and photos in the dining/hearth room so I don’t feel like I went on vacation and never came home again.

Uploading some photos into Flickr (even though I can’t get my wordpress plugin to cooperate and let me add them to this post).

My car!

My car

An easy commute to work with barely any traffic and the easiest landmark to orient myself on

my morning view of the arch

A fuzzy belly on a fluffy cat who actually deigned to rub against my leg and purr this morning.

Fuzzy belly!
Fuzzy cat belly!

And of course, yarn!


I miss my camera phone!

I got a great new phone — Blackberry 7100t. It does a lot that the old Motorola v551 didn’t do, like get my emails and browse the internet. But I really miss having my camera phone. I’d gotten used to being able to take quick photos and send them to myself, friends and/or family.