Things that make me happy….

My new hair! (I finally got a REAL haircut this week for the first time since moving…) Spending a nice couple of hours Christmas shopping with my husband for the kids. AND figuring out what we’re going to buy. Pepperoni pizza Chebe (gluten-free and yummy!) for lunch. Getting a funny Christmas card from ...

Got my first Sampler two days ago!

12. September 2007 blah blah blah... 0
And I got some really cool goodies…. the-sampler-1 Originally uploaded by Shel Kennon My favorites are the button and shoe stamp. Bailey “stole” the This Book is So Awesome stamp. the-sampler-2 The Sampler

I miss my camera phone!

I got a great new phone — Blackberry 7100t. It does a lot that the old Motorola v551 didn’t do, like get my emails and browse the internet. But I really miss having my camera phone. I’d gotten used to being able to take quick photos and send them to myself, friends and/or family.