Facebook Instant Articles

22. September 2016 Cool coding 0
Testing out Facebook Instant Articles integration using my blog. Very interesting. I see that I will be creating multiple custom transformer rules to deal with the more complex coding used in articles. The default transform doesn’t seem to understand things like linked images, etc.  

Flickr photos updated

15. February 2016 meta 0
As planned, I got the flickr photos updated before my birthday. Having a broken leg comes in handy when you need to do something sitting. Next up…. finish restoring UFO photos to my ravelry project notebook.

flickr photo woes

08. February 2016 meta 0
Apparently making all my photos in Flickr have a status of private has created much havoc in both my Ravelry projects and blog posts. Image not available is all I see everywhere. I’m slowly going back and updating as I see it. Have found some great stories from about 8 years ago when the kids were much, ...