Legendary scarf

Legendary scarf Closeup imageI finally finished a yarn project. Since spraining my left ankle badly six years ago, I haven’t had a lot of luck knitting or crocheting.

Finished this scarf tonight while watching the pilot episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

Angry eyebrows hat


Bailey’s knitted blue hat from last year is too small.

So we picked some acrylic yarn we got at a garage sale (so she can wash it) and picked a pattern from Ravelry. She likes the slouchy hats, so we ended up with Katja Zulu (ravelry link), which she promptly named the “Angry Eyebrows Hat”.

Angry eyebrows hat

Hope to finish this project soon!

One Project at a time….

It’s been a crazy time for knitting this year. Something about the sprained ankle has made my knitting go kablooey! I started this shawl back at the Loopy Spring Fling and have been working on it ever since. No matter what other project I start, nothing gets completed (other than the fun fur shawl I made for my daughter’s friend as a birthday present). Oh well, maybe once I get this shawl done it will let me do something else. Like some lovely socks or a new hat for winter…. I’ve been eyeing the pattern for Hermione’s hat from HP6.

Seafoam Shawl
You can see it on ravelry on my project page.

Ankle update and finished object!

Last night I finished mom’s Sand and Sea Tam (Ravelry link), she really liked how the colors came out. Jesse modeled it for the photos.

Sun and sand tam

Sun and sand tam

Sun and sand tam

On the ankle front, I had an ortho appt. today. Got to sit in the waiting room for 1.5 hours while they waited for workman’s comp to fax written permission. I happily knitted on my Bav Girl scarf and my socks while waiting.

Once I was in the back, I had to wait for a resident to get my x-rays from hospital.

So, once I saw the doc, he said I have to wear a brace and sneakers all the time until I go back in 3 weeks.

I have to have physical therapy 3x/week for the next three weeks.

Iā€™m supposed to limit standing and walking, plus ice my ankle 3x/day for 20 minutes.

So, hopefully I’ll be having a much happier ankle in a couple weeks. Very tired of the crutch/es and limping around.

Sprained Ankle and new Unoriginal Hat

So, wiping out at work on Monday brought me a nice, swollen, sprained left ankle.

Pitiful swollen, sprained ankle

Pitiful swollen, sprained ankle

Foot with brace

Foot with brace

And an ankle brace, plus an x-ray, leaving me lots of knitting time yesterday. Worked on the socks, which I hope will fit once I finally get them done. My ankle, foot and calf are swollen, so the only thing that really fits on it right now are some fun fur Xmas socks from Sams last year.

Since I’m very, very slow getting around, I had to finally knit my newest Malabrigo Chunky into a hat. I was considering making Natty, but went with Unoriginal Hat (#4!) because I could finish it last night.

Unoriginal Hat #4

It kept my head toasty and warm on my slow, crutching/limping way from the garage into the office.

Blue Unoriginal Hat

I enjoyed knitting my Unoriginal Hat by the Yarn Harlot so much that I had to knit another one!

I bought some Tweedle Dee yarn at Michaels on Black Friday for $1.99 to make more. I knitted it in one sitting, in about 3.5 hours! šŸ™‚

Unoriginal Hat - Blue

Unoriginal Hat - Blue

Unoriginal Hat - Blue

Unoriginal hat finished!

Unoriginal hat #1

I finished this hat the day after starting it. I LOVE it! I’ve worn it on most of my Xmas shopping trips. I was a little worried since wool is typically itchy for me, but this was wonderful! Thinking of making more as gifts.

Works in progress….

After several attempts at the Dwarven Battle Bonnet for Jesse (which he is now refusing to wear!), I had a spate of startities, followed by frog- and ripitis. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t bother putting a project into Ravelry until I’ve got it done!

Over the weekend, I finished up some new wrist warmers for mom. These are using some acrylic yarn I had lying around. I started them right after Claudia’s husband died because I felt the need to knit something in his memory and an urge to have a project finished. They’ve been languishing by the side of the bed, but I was determined to finish them over the weekend.

Nana's Wrist Warmers

Nana’s Wrist Warmers

Bailey also kindly modeled them, though I was instructed to just take a photo of her hands.

Nana's Wrist Warmers

Nana’s Wrist Warmers

Now I just needed to find a project that used bigger yarn. I finally chose “An Unoriginal Hat” by the Yarn Harlot because it’s a beautiful hat and would let me test out cables before knitting “Fetching”. I’m using a gorgeous Malabrigo Chunky Yarn in a gorgeous Brown and Pink colorway.

Unoriginal Hat in Progress

Unoriginal Hat in Progress

I’m modding this by knitting an extra set of cable repeats around, casting on 70 stitches instead of 56. Using a size 11 needle with the awesome Harmony circulars from Knit Picks.

Jesse’s Battle Bonnet

Jesse's Battle Bonnet

The battle bonnet is now done!

It “only” took four tries, including the ill-fated Dwarven Battle Yamulka, which Bailey stole for her stuffed animals.

So, one down and two more to go. Jesse also wants the Blond version and Ben wants one as well.

Next up will be some more subtle wrist warmers to wear at work. The striped ones get me odd looks sometimes and I don’t feel they are suitable to wear to meetings unless I happen to wear my purple sweater.

Jesse was having too much fun posing in it so it was hard to get a good photo.

UPDATED: Once it was blocked, Jesse decided he wanted the nasal bar on this one, so it has a tad bit further to go.