Crocheting progress

So, I finished my first attempt at the iPod sock, but it was totally not even, so I make it into a small purse for my 6-yr-old to play with.

I started a new one and followed the pattern (basically 14 rows of hdc). However, the yarn I’m using is to as thick so, of course, my finished rectangle was about 2 inches too short. So, I decided to make it a sock for my Rio instead. It was a little short, so I did three rows around the top, which looks kind of cool. All in all, I’m pretty happy.

I’m going to learn the double and triple crochet next and maybe use those to make my son a scarf. Have some nice blue yarn to use for him.

Once I get the stitches down, then I’ll try another go at the iPod sock using the fancy yarns I have.

Will post photos later.

Purple scarf!

Purple scarf!

Purple scarf!
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I crocheted this scarf! I made Bailey a pink one from a “learn to crochet” kit, but this is the first scarf I crocheted from “fancy” yarn. It’s really toasty and totally beautiful.

I started crocheting an iPod case the other day. After unraveling it for about the fourth time, I finally got a good start on it. I’m doing a new stitch, so I’m pretty excited. I’ll post photos once it’s done.

Of course, I had to send my iPod back to Apple to be fixed. All of a sudden, all I can see is the Sad iPod icon. 🙁