Why my cat is sad…

Toby in the Beanie

Inspired by this post at mysteriouscats.com, I crocheted my first cat beanie last night. More of a coaster with ear holders than a hat, it was still funny to try it on the cats.

Toby in the Beanie
My cat is sad because his new hat is too big.
Toby in the Beanie
Toby tolerated the Beanie
Sleeping Starbuck wore it better
Sleeping Starbuck wore it better

Hurt Book Sale at Interweave….

Just stocked up on some goodies from the Interweave Hurt Book sale…


  • Knitted Babes
  • Folk Hats
  • Wrap Style
  • Socks
  • Gossamer Webs Design Collection


  • Beadwork Creates Earrings
  • Hip To Bead
  • Crochet With Wire
  • Knitting With Wire

First Killer Bunny got to his target!

So I’m still alive in the Killer Bunny swap!

Hybrid Franken Bunny (Ravelry link to project) made it in time.

Killer Franken Bunny #1

My favorite part is the giant fluffy tail. The pattern calls for a smaller crocheted tail, but Frankie needed a giant tail to enhance his ninja skills.

Killer Franken Bunny #1

Next up: Killer Bunny 2 (Ravelry link to project).

Every day I expect a small assassin to be waiting in the mail and every day I’m alive one more day.

We’ll see how long it lasts. With being sick and having to re-start, KB2 is off to a slow start. I also should have started sooner, but I didn’t know if Frank would make it in time and I wanted to finish the Cozy Socks.

iPhone Case

Crocheted using Noro Sumile. Had to do something until my actual skin gets here from Amazon on Friday….

Tried to knit it, but it just wouldn’t be happy.

iPhone Case

iPhone Case

I also decided to add a wrist strap so that it would be a little more functional.

iPhone case with strap finished!

iPhone case with strap finished!

Finally finished the Wiggly Poncho for Bailey!

Wiggly poncho on Bailey

Wiggly poncho on Bailey

This felt like it took FOREVER to do… I carried it around with me since August. Working on it in odd moments, before movies, waiting for files to upload on a really, really late night at work, even off and on during moments when I was really sick the last several days. I think I crocheted about 20 minutes during the 3 days I spent in bed. I had to frog most of the original purple stripe on Halloween night because I needed to increase on that row. Bailey’s happy with it and I’m really happy that it’s done!

“I’m not taking it off today”

I'm not taking it off today.

“I’m not taking it off today.” said Jesse after I gave him the hat I crocheted him the night before we saw HP5. It’s my favorite book and I’m glad the movie was as good as it was. It could have been better, of course, but that’s the trouble when really rich books become movies.

Too much fun with the tiny monkey!

Jesse is having way too much fun with the tiny monkey, and that’s just showing him off so I can take his photo after we finished the Monkey’s face. We had to replace the small googly eyes with slightly larger ones and added a nose and a mouth with brown yarn…

I love my tiny camo monkey!

I love my tiny camo monkey!

Monkey on my neck

Monkey on my neck

Oh no, there's a monkey on my head

Oh no, there’s a monkey on my head
And then things got REALLY silly with an extra googly eye that was too silly for the monkey’s face…

what's on my forehead?

what’s on my forehead?

I think I can see it now....

I think I can see it now….

Argh! I have another eye!

Argh! I have another eye!

Then, Jesse took the camera and got these shots (i’ve got the eye in my hand for the one of the two of us!)

Monster Daddy....

Monster Daddy….

Me and my honey....

Me and my honey….

After that, Brook wanted a picture of me and Jesse so one last shot before my little monkey had to head off to bed.

Me and mama on the stairs

Me and mama on the stairs

Amigurumi Camo Monkey

Amigurumi Camo Monkey

Amigurumi Camo Monkey

Still need to get some felt to make his face and ear insets. I forgot to buy it at Hobby Lobby yesterday when I was buying some Red Heart Super Saver and Polyfill to make some little crocheted guys. He’s much smaller than I thought he’d be. See the Apple logo on my MacBook for size.

I used (finally) one of my patterns from Roxycraft.com!

Three hats in one evening

A good sense of accomplishment for today…. I crocheted 1 hat for my swap, 1 for my daughter that matches her poncho and knitted (partially on my barbie knitting machine and partially on DPNS) a tiny hat for a stuffed cat.

Photos tomorrow. It’s too late for them tonight.

Hopefully Bailey likes the new hat. If she’s not careful, Jesse might steal it….

UPDATE: Here’s the hat for the swap….

Bailey's new hat!

Bailey can’t find her hat. LOL!

More finished objects!

I made my son a new hat and got about 2/3 way through a hat for the girl!

Orange/blue/yellow mix for J. I want to take a photo with it on him.

B’s getting a pink girly-style hat.

I also made a scarf and a hat from recycled yarn from a sweater. The scarf turned out awesome. The hat is not good for me, which I was hoping it would be. This hat totally need long hair, or full hair or something like that under it, which I just don’t have.

I’ll post photos later.

I also got two packages in the mail today. Two more hands for taking photos of jewelry and yarn FOs! Very cool! I’m very excited to get them.

Also got 3 new knitting books from Amazon. Stitch N Bitch Knitter’s Handbook, One Skein Wonder and The Gift Knitter (for babies and pets). Don’t think the turtle would like anything knitted and he goes back to the school in a couple of weeks.

Off to bed!