Making progess…

02. October 2007 knitting, Starbuck 2

Monster body

Originally uploaded by Shel Kennon

I think I’ve got the hang of knitting in the round down now. I got the monster body done. Now, I’ve just got to knit up the appendages and horns for the head.

One issue I had is that my cat thinks the size 6 bamboo dpns are yummy. I tried using just 4 needles instead of 5, but that didn’t work. The chewed-up ends were pulling the yarn, so I had to switch to my shorter ones. They worked better.

2 thoughts on “Making progess…”

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    Heather Rupe on October 2, 2007

    It’s looking good so far! 😀 I’ve heard of kitties chewing on bamboo needles, how weird is that? Maybe they’ve had a mass meeting to break out of the yarn stereotype.

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    sayvil on October 3, 2007

    yeah… maybe. he’s done it before but it’s been a really, really long time. I hope he doesn’t find the arms and play with them around the house while I’m at work today. I didn’t attach them yet.

    He also really likes to steal my yarn balls, just the two cashmere ones, and string them around the house. No matter how many times i put them away, he still gets them out. I had to put them on a high shelf in a ziplock to keep him out of the cashmere!

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