Meet the new member of our family… Chewie


Jesse picked him out for his 7th birthday present. He’s been considering for the past month what type of pet he wanted to get. He’s very happy with Chewie.

Jesse and Chewie

Jesse and Chewie

Two-Hour Purse Decorated and Ready-to-Go!

I finished up the two-hour purse by using hand-painted roving and my needle-felting tools and freeforming some cool swirls. Bailey picked the roving because she wants the purse as a present for her birthday.

Here’s the Front:

Side 1 of Two-Hour Purse

and the back:

Back of Two-Hour Purse

I also felted a circular shape that I knitted with the leftover yarn. Jesse wants it for his birthday, why I don’t know he just likes getting stuff I guess….

Felted and Decorated

A Busy Friday and Saturday

Friday night we went to the kids’ school to check out their science fair projects.

Jesse and his science fair project on Frogs


Jesse’s project was about the stages of tadpole development. Unfortunately, all the tadpoles died to they got a frog that still had a bit of a tail.

Jesse and his science fair project on Frogs


Bailey and her friend did Volcanos.

Bailey's "Exploding" Volcano Project


Saturday night, I got lots of knitting time while Brook was out with a friend and the kids were at Grandma’s. I put on an audiobook and cast on my Two-Hour Purse for Year of Wonders. I would have worked on my other projects, but, alas, they were left in the car and silly me didn’t feel like finding shoes and going out to get them (the problem with not having an attached garage!)

But, I got the purse all knitted up

Two-Hour Purse - Before Felting


And today, I felted it while waiting for emails from work.

Two Hour Purse - After Felting, but still wet



Once it’s dry, I’m going to add decoration with my roving and needle-felting tools. 🙂