Sprained Ankle and new Unoriginal Hat

So, wiping out at work on Monday brought me a nice, swollen, sprained left ankle.

Pitiful swollen, sprained ankle Foot with brace

And an ankle brace, plus an x-ray, leaving me lots of knitting time yesterday. Worked on the socks, which I hope will fit once I finally get them done. My ankle, foot and calf are swollen, so the only thing that really fits on it right now are some fun fur Xmas socks from Sams last year.

Since I’m very, very slow getting around, I had to finally knit my newest Malabrigo Chunky into a hat. I was considering making Natty, but went with Unoriginal Hat (#4!) because I could finish it last night.

Unoriginal Hat #4

It kept my head toasty and warm on my slow, crutching/limping way from the garage into the office.