One Project at a time….

It’s been a crazy time for knitting this year. Something about the sprained ankle has made my knitting go kablooey! I started this shawl back at the Loopy Spring Fling and have been working on it ever since. No matter what other project I start, nothing gets completed (other than the fun fur shawl I made for my daughter’s friend as a birthday present). Oh well, maybe once I get this shawl done it will let me do something else. Like some lovely socks or a new hat for winter…. I’ve been eyeing the pattern for Hermione’s hat from HP6.

Seafoam Shawl
You can see it on ravelry on my project page.

Bailey’s First Horse Show…

She didn’t get to ride because it was rained out, so it was more of a dress rehearsal for her….

She waited very patiently and cheered her friends on. Unfortunately, the storm hit just as she was waiting for the group ahead of her to come out of the arena so she could tack up Buzz and do her first event.

It’s rescheduled for the rain date, most likely next Sunday.

Bailey's First Horse Show

Ankle update and finished object!

Last night I finished mom’s Sand and Sea Tam (Ravelry link), she really liked how the colors came out. Jesse modeled it for the photos.

Sun and sand tam

Sun and sand tam

Sun and sand tam

On the ankle front, I had an ortho appt. today. Got to sit in the waiting room for 1.5 hours while they waited for workman’s comp to fax written permission. I happily knitted on my Bav Girl scarf and my socks while waiting.

Once I was in the back, I had to wait for a resident to get my x-rays from hospital.

So, once I saw the doc, he said I have to wear a brace and sneakers all the time until I go back in 3 weeks.

I have to have physical therapy 3x/week for the next three weeks.

I’m supposed to limit standing and walking, plus ice my ankle 3x/day for 20 minutes.

So, hopefully I’ll be having a much happier ankle in a couple weeks. Very tired of the crutch/es and limping around.