Thursday night delight

28. January 2005 kids 0
Jesse’s is running around the kitchen wearing his sister’s hat (which used to be my sister’s) and striking funny poses. I got him to stand still barely long enough to get one unblurry picture. Thursday night delight Originally uploaded by Shel Kennon.

Today’s Nutritional Goals

After finishing my lunch, I decided that I would do the following: 1. I will drink lots and lots of water. 2. I will NOT eat any cookies today. Oops… already broke #2. Homemade peanut butter cookies were breakfast this morning. REVISED Nutritional Goals of the day: 1. I will drink lots and lots of ...

Bailey after

18. January 2005 kids 0
Waiting for breakfast at the Original Pancake House. She’s up and at ’em again. Hungry like a wolf! Ready to take on the world! Bailey after Originally uploaded by Shel Kennon.

Queen Bailey

17. January 2005 kids 0
While waiting for forever at the surgery center before getting her tubes in. Bailey’s playing in the kid’s playroom. Most of the little ones there are really little, some just babies. Most are still in their footie jammies. She’s one of the few ones. Poor girl has to get tubes again when she’s almost 6. ...

Bailey before

17. January 2005 kids 0
Bailey before getting tubes again. She really doesn’t want to get them, but the alternative isn’t good. Her ears are just too full of fluid. Bailey before Originally uploaded by Shel Kennon.

You could be cuddled up alone

15. December 2004 music 0
You could be cuddled up alone
It’s a cold, cold day outside today. The kind of day where you really wish you were home under the covers with a good book and great music. Maybe some hot cider too. Right now I’m making a playlist of BNL songs that I’ve saved to my computer at work. This playlist is all songs ...

Halloween Joy

01. November 2004 kids 0
My kids had the best time trick or treating for Halloween. The only part they enjoyed more was giving out the candy once we got home. Bailey (a girl, 5) was a Rose (just a regular pink rose at first, but by the time Halloween came, she was the Rose from the “Little Prince” by ...