Best quote ever….

03. February 2009 fiber coolness 0
“Anybody who is not on Ravelry,” a friend said recently, pausing to lean in—close—“is stupid.” From an article in the NY Observer….

Knitting Meme

The official rules are mark with bold the things you have knit at least once, with italics the ones you plan to do sometime, and leave the rest. I’m changing it up a little. I am going to bold the techniques I have done. I italizcising everything else because, truly, I want to try it ...

Stach enhancements today!

I stopped at the Kirkwood Knittery this morning because of their big sale. I was hoping to get some more sock yarn for $1 like I did at the Super Bowl. No luck on the sock yarn, but I did get: 2 skeins Quellón by Araucania Yarns More Sitar from Nashua Handknits 1 Skeins in ...