Sick Jesse

09. November 2009 stuff i like 0
Luckily, he didn’t have the flu. A girl in his class was out with H1N1, so I was a bit worried. Luckily the fever and vomiting only lasted a day. Once he didn’t feel queasy anymore, he quite enjoyed watching Godzilla movies and the 9th Doctor.

Day 10 and counting…

29. September 2009 stuff i like 0
Of the little virus that could How I’ve been working the last week: On my great big lap tray either in bed or on my little sofa in my room, thermometer, drink, larabar handy. Massive quantities of Gatorade joined the mix as of yesterday. So far, still not a big fan. After 2 qts of ...


10. September 2009 knitting, stuff i like 0
Hallowig, originally uploaded by Shel Kennon. Actually making good progress on this so far, compared to the rest of the year’s knitting. I’m not managing more than a few rows a day though, because I’ve been working on my Diablo II!