Meet Sid

21. February 2008 stuff i like 0
This awesome sock creature was a present my mom made me for my birthday. His sister creature is currently hiding. I\'ll post her photo when she comes out from hiding.

Frank is mine!!!!!

20. December 2007 stuff i like 0
Frank is mine!!!!!
bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!! “Frank is an other-worldly escapee of Erik’s Menagerie made of kermit green fleece and celestial fabric. He requires no oxygen or food, but does enjoy spice of all types. Quite often when he appears to be staring off into space he’s merely searching for the nearest sandbox to play in. He’s really very friendly, ...

My new baby!

25. September 2007 stuff i like 0
My new baby! Meet my new baby… a 2005 SCION xB Plus, it has some awesome upgrades already installed… 1. Eclipse Harddisk based navigation system – AVN5495 with CD/MP3/DVD Player 2. Rear Seat Entertainment system – Audiovox 10.2″ LCD DVD system with wireless headphones 3. Leather Seats 4. Scion Security 5. Rear Spoiler 6. Cruise ...