Halloween Joy

My kids had the best time trick or treating for Halloween. The only part they enjoyed more was giving out the candy once we got home.

Bailey (a girl, 5) was a Rose (just a regular pink rose at first, but by the time Halloween came, she was the Rose from the “Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint ExupĂ©ry with four thorns and all). Luckily for her, my mom (Nana) can sew and she made the costume. Jesse (a boy, 3) was Spiderman. Lots of fake muscles. He was so happy.

Bailey’s flower head kept falling off, so she decided to not wear it and just be a rosebud (i.e., she doesn’t have a flower because her head hasn’t bloomed yet). She’d say “Trick or treat. I’m a rose!”). By the end of trick or treating, she’d taken off her leaves because she was too hot. Then, she said she was just a plant.

Jesse was really sweating in his Spiderman mask, so I convinced him that he would still be Spiderman without it.

They had more fun giving out the candy when we got home than getting it.

They were really cute.