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I found a post from last year in the drafts folder….

July 22, 2007

HP Book 7 was supposed to come yesterday. Unfortunately, we were heading out at lunchtime to go to a friend’s house about 45 minutes away. When it was time to go, still no HP book. I left a note on the front door say “Please leave my Harry Potter book on the front porch” because I was afraid the UPS guy would require a signature.

Then we stopped at Sam’s on the way to the party to pick up some tasty desserts for our part of the festivities. We walked in the door and there was a ginormous pallet of the books. I just had to touch one, then I instantly couldn’t wait. It was finally real that the last book was out and the answers would just taunting me that I couldn’t get them soon. I was good though and didn’t pick up the book, though I was sorely tempted.

We ended up buying a Strawberry cake and Harry Potter cupcakes! Brook didn’t really want to get the HP cupcakes but caved because the kids were so excited. They turned out to be very popular at the party. All the kids wanted the rings off of them!

I also walked out of Sam’s with a copy of Book 7 for myself. I couldn’t wait til we got home on the chance that Bailey’s birthday copy would be there.

I got 112 pages read on the way to the party and over the next 7 hours had small times of being anti-social and reading. I was good though and only got through another 100 pages before we left.

Finished the book at 12:45 this morning after reading for 3 hours straight once we finally home and got the kids in bed. Bailey was really excited that her birthday book was in the mailbox in a really sweet Harry Potter box (good job Amazon!).

Not going to give away any spoilers, but I really enjoyed the book.

“I’m not taking it off today”

I'm not taking it off today.

“I’m not taking it off today.” said Jesse after I gave him the hat I crocheted him the night before we saw HP5. It’s my favorite book and I’m glad the movie was as good as it was. It could have been better, of course, but that’s the trouble when really rich books become movies.