Modeling Urchin

Bailey Modelling Urching
Modeling Urchin

I loved Urchin from the new Knitty, so I went out and bought some green Cascade Jewel. I loved the variation of the thickness of the yarn.

Urchin knit up so quickly, once I got the hang of the short rows, that I had to make another…

In 3.5 hours, I knit up another one in the red recycled sweater yarn to match my obscenely long scarf with fringe.

My new baby!

My new baby!
My new baby!

Meet my new baby… a 2005 SCION xB

Plus, it has some awesome upgrades already installed…

1. Eclipse Harddisk based navigation system – AVN5495 with CD/MP3/DVD Player
2. Rear Seat Entertainment system – Audiovox 10.2″ LCD DVD system with wireless headphones
3. Leather Seats
4. Scion Security
5. Rear Spoiler
6. Cruise Control
7. Auto Dimming mirror / compass / temperature
8. 8″ LCD Sunvisor screens – pair
9. Driver and Passenger Heated Seats
10. Cup holder Illumination
11. Rear Tail lights by TYC
12. LED Illumination – Blue Underseat lighting
13. Rear view camera – night vision
14. xB Armrest
15. Backup Sensors and LCD
16. Carpet Floor/Cargo mats (5-Piece set)
17. Red Sport Pedals By OBX Racing
18. Leather Steering wheel cover
19. Rear Bumper Applique

I’m most excited about the navigation! Now I won’t get lost anymore! I’ll have to read the book to find out how to program in all the places I go… work, library, Knitorious, Kirkwood Knittery, home, etc.

The kids love the DVD player, of course. Too bad they don’t get to watch movies unless we’re driving for at least 30 minutes.