Good knitting stash night!!!

I took the kids by the Kirkwood Knittery‘s 1st anniversary sale on the way home and picked up some goodies….

1 skein of Nashua Handknits Sitar in Olive Tree.

1 skein of Malabrigo Yarn Chunky to make an “Unoriginal Hat” for myself.

2 skeins of Sisu Fantasy.

Some new circular needles

And for my grab bag…. Silk Merino!


And when I got home, I had a big batch of DPNS from eBay in the mail too. 🙂

Jesse’s armor

Jesse's armor
Jesse’s armor

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Voodoo Gloved from that I was knitting for myself have become Jesse’s armor gloves. He had to pose for photos with Pikachu. He also loves the thumb hole.

I knitted too tightly, as usual, but that’s OK because this was really a test project and he loves this yarn… I didn’t like it on me. I think I want to do a cabled wrist-warmer for me. I think I’ll try the two circular needle/knitting two rounds things at once method that’s in the Knitting Two Socks on Circular Needles book to make mine.

Finally finished the Wiggly Poncho for Bailey!

Wiggly poncho on Bailey

Wiggly poncho on Bailey

This felt like it took FOREVER to do… I carried it around with me since August. Working on it in odd moments, before movies, waiting for files to upload on a really, really late night at work, even off and on during moments when I was really sick the last several days. I think I crocheted about 20 minutes during the 3 days I spent in bed. I had to frog most of the original purple stripe on Halloween night because I needed to increase on that row. Bailey’s happy with it and I’m really happy that it’s done!