Roundup of the last week…

No knitting or crocheting was done on any of our trips. I attempted to start Bailey’s Monster, but my needle broke. I cast on the Moss Hat, but no go… it was way too small after 2 rounds. Oh well…

Last week Nana came to visit and was here through Xmas. The kids and I were really excited about it.

Baking with Nana on Xmas Eve

She and Bailey cooked some Apple Cranberry Crisp for Christmas Eve (gluten-free of course so I could partake as well) and I made my “famous” lasagna, with rice noodles so I could eat that too. Luckily the rice noodles are yummy enough in the lasagna that my husband will eat it too. He’s very, very picky.

On Christmas morning, they work up to presents from Santa…

Santa presents....

Santa presents....

and had to wait for everyone to get up before they could open then.

Jesse enjoyed his pirate ships, after a while. He was disappointed that Santa brought him the “wrong one”.

Santa presents....

Bailey loved her stable, though Nana had to glue a bit of it to make it sturdy.

Santa presents....

They wanted to open the big present behind the tree next, convinced that it was a Wii. I was mean and made them eat first. Then let them open it while the rest of us were eating.

“We want to open the big package under the tree next…”

We want to open the big package under the tree next...

“Hmmm…. I guess a Wii could be in a Children’s Place box.”

Hmmm.... I guess a Wii could be in a Children's Place box.

“Oh man, it’s just clothes!”

Oh man, it's just clothes!

Yeah, they should have known better….

The kids made lightup snowmen at school for their presents. Bailey gave hers to Nana. Jesse made his with a scary face on one side and a snowman face on the other.

Jesse took this photo of me

Snowman Light by Jesse - Scary face on one side, snowman face on the other!

Snowman Light by Jesse - Scary face on one side, snowman face on the other!

I let them “suffer” through all of their other presents before they finally got the Wii.

We did get a Wii after all!

We did get a Wii after all!

We did get a Wii after all!

We did get a Wii after all!

Playing Wii

Starbuck got a couple of cat toys in his stocking, but his favorite part was when beneath the tree was all empty again.

"Ahhh... a spot to myself!"

Frank is mine!!!!!

Frank - Flummeries


“Frank is an other-worldly escapee of Erik’s Menagerie made of kermit green fleece and celestial fabric. He requires no oxygen or food, but does enjoy spice of all types. Quite often when he appears to be staring off into space he’s merely searching for the nearest sandbox to play in. He’s really very friendly, low maintenance and well shaped.

He’s approx. 8″ w x 10″ h”

Things that make me happy….

My new hair! (I finally got a REAL haircut this week for the first time since moving…)

my new hair
from the side...
and the other side
New Hair
new hair!

Spending a nice couple of hours Christmas shopping with my husband for the kids. AND figuring out what we’re going to buy.

Pepperoni pizza Chebe (gluten-free and yummy!) for lunch.

Getting a funny Christmas card from a long-time friend and feeling loved.

Handing some art and photos in the dining/hearth room so I don’t feel like I went on vacation and never came home again.

Uploading some photos into Flickr (even though I can’t get my wordpress plugin to cooperate and let me add them to this post).

My car!

My car

An easy commute to work with barely any traffic and the easiest landmark to orient myself on

my morning view of the arch

A fuzzy belly on a fluffy cat who actually deigned to rub against my leg and purr this morning.

Fuzzy belly!
Fuzzy cat belly!

And of course, yarn!