First Killer Bunny got to his target!

So I’m still alive in the Killer Bunny swap!

Hybrid Franken Bunny (Ravelry link to project) made it in time.

Killer Franken Bunny #1

My favorite part is the giant fluffy tail. The pattern calls for a smaller crocheted tail, but Frankie needed a giant tail to enhance his ninja skills.

Killer Franken Bunny #1

Next up: Killer Bunny 2 (Ravelry link to project).

Every day I expect a small assassin to be waiting in the mail and every day I’m alive one more day.

We’ll see how long it lasts. With being sick and having to re-start, KB2 is off to a slow start. I also should have started sooner, but I didn’t know if Frank would make it in time and I wanted to finish the Cozy Socks.

i’m a little surprised here….

“My blog is worth $564.54.”

I guess someone must come by once in a while. Hello, whoever you are. Hope you enjoy the photos of my knitting and kids…

Mother’s Day Yarn Crawl tomorrow, so will hopefully have some good stash enhancements… I mean project fodder. Looking for some good sock yarn that’s not too much. PLUS I get to go to the Loopy Ewe!