Three hats in one evening

A good sense of accomplishment for today…. I crocheted 1 hat for my swap, 1 for my daughter that matches her poncho and knitted (partially on my barbie knitting machine and partially on DPNS) a tiny hat for a stuffed cat.

Photos tomorrow. It’s too late for them tonight.

Hopefully Bailey likes the new hat. If she’s not careful, Jesse might steal it….

UPDATE: Here’s the hat for the swap….

Bailey's new hat!

Bailey can’t find her hat. LOL!

More finished objects!

I made my son a new hat and got about 2/3 way through a hat for the girl!

Orange/blue/yellow mix for J. I want to take a photo with it on him.

B’s getting a pink girly-style hat.

I also made a scarf and a hat from recycled yarn from a sweater. The scarf turned out awesome. The hat is not good for me, which I was hoping it would be. This hat totally need long hair, or full hair or something like that under it, which I just don’t have.

I’ll post photos later.

I also got two packages in the mail today. Two more hands for taking photos of jewelry and yarn FOs! Very cool! I’m very excited to get them.

Also got 3 new knitting books from Amazon. Stitch N Bitch Knitter’s Handbook, One Skein Wonder and The Gift Knitter (for babies and pets). Don’t think the turtle would like anything knitted and he goes back to the school in a couple of weeks.

Off to bed!

crocheted jewelry

I’ve been avoiding the whole crocheted jewelry for a while, but Bailey wanted to knit while Brook and Jesse were at the store buying his Cap’n Jack Sparrow stuff. I just finished the crocheted hat and hadn’t found a new project I just HAD to do yet. So, I looked through my SnB Happy Hooker book and the crocheted jewelry caught my eye….

I still have to put the findings on, but the dryer is buzzing and I have to go fold clothing!

crocheted silver and crystal necklace

crocheted silver and crystal necklace

First Successful Hat!

I just finished my first successful hat! Jesse is sleeping, but I hope he likes it. I used the pattern from the SnB Happy Hooker – Crochet book – for the “boy beanie”. It’s grey with green stripes. I’m going to try it on him once he wakes up and will take photos then!

Then, I try it on Bailey and if she likes it, make her a girly version!

This is about the 15th time I’ve tried to make a hat. The other pattern I hat, just didn’t work for me for some reason. I think this one worked because it was DC instead of SC. I love doing DC!

I hate to put up in progress photos like some folks do, because a lot of times I have to frog it so many times it’s not even worth sharing.


here’s my first 2 octopi, Byron’s big brothers. He also has a furry pink big sister octopus who’s not finished yet. I crocheted her in the car on vacation and she still need to be stuffed and have a tushy!


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