Buzz rides again!

Bailey is very excited to get to ride Buzz again. He was really, really sick for a long time and she hasn’t ridden him since June.

Buzz rides again!

Today she gets to have her lesson on him again.

Angry eyebrows hat


Bailey’s knitted blue hat from last year is too small.

So we picked some acrylic yarn we got at a garage sale (so she can wash it) and picked a pattern from Ravelry. She likes the slouchy hats, so we ended up with Katja Zulu (ravelry link), which she promptly named the “Angry Eyebrows Hat”.

Angry eyebrows hat

Hope to finish this project soon!

Bailey’s First Horse Show…

She didn’t get to ride because it was rained out, so it was more of a dress rehearsal for her….

She waited very patiently and cheered her friends on. Unfortunately, the storm hit just as she was waiting for the group ahead of her to come out of the arena so she could tack up Buzz and do her first event.

It’s rescheduled for the rain date, most likely next Sunday.

Bailey's First Horse Show

Jesse’s Battle Bonnet

Jesse's Battle Bonnet

The battle bonnet is now done!

It “only” took four tries, including the ill-fated Dwarven Battle Yamulka, which Bailey stole for her stuffed animals.

So, one down and two more to go. Jesse also wants the Blond version and Ben wants one as well.

Next up will be some more subtle wrist warmers to wear at work. The striped ones get me odd looks sometimes and I don’t feel they are suitable to wear to meetings unless I happen to wear my purple sweater.

Jesse was having too much fun posing in it so it was hard to get a good photo.

UPDATED: Once it was blocked, Jesse decided he wanted the nasal bar on this one, so it has a tad bit further to go.

Jesse this morning

Jesse: ooh, it’s cold outside. I hope I don’t need to wear a hat.

Nana: why not?

Jesse: Not until Mama makes me that new one.


Meet the new member of our family… Chewie


Jesse picked him out for his 7th birthday present. He’s been considering for the past month what type of pet he wanted to get. He’s very happy with Chewie.

Jesse and Chewie

Jesse and Chewie