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Monster body
Monster body

I think I’ve got the hang of knitting in the round down now. I got the monster body done. Now, I’ve just got to knit up the appendages and horns for the head.

One issue I had is that my cat thinks the size 6 bamboo dpns are yummy. I tried using just 4 needles instead of 5, but that didn’t work. The chewed-up ends were pulling the yarn, so I had to switch to my shorter ones. They worked better.

Let me back in! I don’t wanna be outside anymore!

The cat just doesn’t want to go outside. We’ve been having the kids take Starbuck outside with them when they go play in the backyard. He’ll stay for about 5 seconds before he’s looking mournfully at the door or meowing to get back in.

This time, he actually climbed the outside of the door because we didn’t let him back in quick enough.

Let me back in! I don't wanna be outside anymore!

Let me back in! I don’t wanna be outside anymore!, originally uploaded by Shel Kennon.