Angry eyebrows hat

10. October 2009 kids, knitting 0
  Bailey’s knitted blue hat from last year is too small. So we picked some acrylic yarn we got at a garage sale (so she can wash it) and picked a pattern from Ravelry. She likes the slouchy hats, so we ended up with Katja Zulu (ravelry link), which she promptly named the “Angry Eyebrows ...


10. September 2009 knitting, stuff i like 0
Hallowig, originally uploaded by Shel Kennon. Actually making good progress on this so far, compared to the rest of the year’s knitting. I’m not managing more than a few rows a day though, because I’ve been working on my Diablo II!

One Project at a time….

It’s been a crazy time for knitting this year. Something about the sprained ankle has made my knitting go kablooey! I started this shawl back at the Loopy Spring Fling and have been working on it ever since. No matter what other project I start, nothing gets completed (other than the fun fur shawl I ...

Ankle update and finished object!

Last night I finished mom’s Sand and Sea Tam (Ravelry link), she really liked how the colors came out. Jesse modeled it for the photos. On the ankle front, I had an ortho appt. today. Got to sit in the waiting room for 1.5 hours while they waited for workman’s comp to fax written permission. ...

Best quote ever….

03. February 2009 fiber coolness 0
“Anybody who is not on Ravelry,” a friend said recently, pausing to lean in—close—“is stupid.” From an article in the NY Observer….

Sprained Ankle and new Unoriginal Hat

So, wiping out at work on Monday brought me a nice, swollen, sprained left ankle. Pitiful swollen, sprained ankle Foot with brace And an ankle brace, plus an x-ray, leaving me lots of knitting time yesterday. Worked on the socks, which I hope will fit once I finally get them done. My ankle, foot and ...